‘Backwards chats with cab drivers are one of the many joys London has to offer…’

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I never understood people who enjoyed getting their hair cut.  What’s to like about it?  Sitting in a chair with someone you don’t know chopping off bits of you, being forced to evaluate your worst points in the mirror whilst listening to terrible Madonna remixes is not my idea of a good time.  Chuck in […]


Uncommon People is two restless young mens attempt to pay our respects to London’s great inhabitants. It is people that bring value to our world; not Facebook, iPhones, guestlist for a party or a cheap flight on RyanAir (though we do admit to quite liking all of these things).  Without people, though, it’s all rhubarb, a waste of time, money and life.  Fortunately, we live in London and London has some of the best people in the world. Many of them are mad, many more are very very ordinary, but they’ve all got their part to play.  We’re going to try and find out what that part is.

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